The Korvo Group has released a number of software projects. Additionally, there are a number of research-grade codes available in the group's research svn, accessible through anonymous access.

Released Software

  • EVPath is the latest incarnation of our group's many years of experience with high performance publish/subscribe systems. There is a build status web page availalbe now at  EVPath is not itself a pub/sub system; instead, it is a constructor library for building a variety of different types of messaging systems. It has primitives for high performance data management and messaging, as well as control functions to establish and manage connections for different types of messaging needs. If you just want to use the high performance capabilities, you might want to see ECho2 or FlexPath below.
  • FFS is the data management layer used by EVPath and other higher-level systems. It stands for "Fast Flexible Serialization", and that's exactly what it offers. Our paper outlines some of the key features for applying it to scientific data frameworks.
  • ADIOS is an adaptable, service-oriented, high performance I/O library. ADIOS was developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory with a community effort including several key Georgia Tech contributors. We have also contributed one of the first staging-area solutions for ADIOS, called FlexPath.
  • FlexPath is available as part of the ADIOS release from version 1.7 on. It allows different components in an ADIOS I/O workflow to connect directly, memory-to-memory, rather than needing to go through a file system for communicating. From a messaging system perspective, it is a type-based publish/subscribe system that enables dynamic connections between different MPI domains, or indeed between MPI and non-MPI codes that conform to the ADIOS workflow model. You can read more in our paper from CCgrid.