Non-volatile Memory Project

Welcome to the Non-volatile Memory project in the Korvo Systems Research Group in School of Computer Science at Georgia Tech.

Non-volatile memory (NVM) is emerging as a promising way forward to substantially enhance future systems. This project investigates system support to exploit the properties of NVM, with a focus on the following aspects:

  • we develop system softwares that permit customized use of persistent memory;
  • we design novel NVM use cases targeting both mobile and server platforms;
  • we expose new system and application-level interfaces to permit the efficient and specialized use of NVM by applications.






  • Unified Address Translation for Memory-Mapped SSDs with FlashMap
    Jian Huang, Anirudh Badam, Moinuddin K. Qureshi, Karsten Schwan
    Proceedings of 42nd International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA'15)
  • NVRAM-aware Logging in Transaction Systems
    Jian Huang, Karsten Schwan, Moinuddin K. Qureshi
    Proceedings of 41st International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB'15)
  • System Software for Persistent Memory
    Subramanya R. Dulloor, Sanjay Kumar, Anil Keshavamurthy, Philip Lantz, Dheeraj Reddy, Rajesh Sankaran, Jeff Jackson
    Proceedings of 9th European Conference on Computer Systems (EuroSys'14)
  • Reducing the Cost of Persistence for Nonvolatile Heaps in End User Devices
    Sudarsun Kannan, Ada Gavrilovska, Karsten Schwan
    Proceedings of 20th IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA'14)


This work is sponsored in part by the Intel URO program on software for persistent memories.